what is the purpose of ruby on rails development

Rails basically combine the Ruby programming language with HTML, JavaScript and CSS in order to create a web application. Rails use ruby language in order to assemble the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files dynamically from the component files.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails involves a MVC paradigm. MVC paradigm is a structure of RoR framework. This framework helps in concluding that which layer is responsible for what and what is the correct purpose of structuring your applications so that you are familiar that where to place business logic and where the view moves. The programming languages and interfaces are growing now days. A ruby developer includes an API provider. In order to work with ruby on rail development one should be familiar with API as a concept and JSON as a format. Computer science involves two types of programming languages. These are high level programming language and low level programming language. Ruby is a general purpose programming language and ruby developers are also high in demand. It is basically one of the languages to start with when you start learning code. Ruby is a higher level programming language as compared to C++.

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